A revolution in restorative surgical procedures.

Reworking the literature from a modern perspective, we developed a silk-based multidisciplinary technology platform able to generate products and solutions for a variety of clinical indications, such as peripheral nerve injuries, peripheral vascular diseases, bone defects and tendon tears.


Silk regenerated fibroin + native silk fibroin pairing

Patent granted in Italy (2016), Europe (2018). Pending in the US, China and others

Silk-based Composites

In-licensed patent granted in 2018, plus new IP under development

Core-shell silk nanofibers

Italian patent granted (2019) and PCT extension submiRed (2018)

First solution to market for Peripheral Nerve Repair

KLISBio is developing SILKBridge: a tissue engineered technology based on pure silk fibroin that has the potential to show an optimized balance between biomechanical and biological properties, complementing the high strength of native silk fibers and the enhanced biomimicry of electrospun silk. It is intended for the surgical repair of peripheral nerve discontinuities to support regeneration across the defect. SILKBridge is not yet FDA cleared

Why silk

Silk is one of the most versatile and ancient materials used in medicine. Silk Fibroin is fully biocompatible, promotes cell proliferation and stimulates in-vivo tissue regeneration. It provides a unique combination of outstanding biological and mechanical properties.

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