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Milan, Italy Jan. 11, 2022

Silk Biomaterials ushers in the next evolution of life sciences innovation with rebranding and new name

Silk Biomaterials has announced a comprehensive rebranding effort, including renaming itself KLISBio as part of the company’s continued goal of expanding the frontiers of modern medicine.

KLISBio is focused on developing innovative biomedical solutions that solve prominent, unmet clinical needs through a silk-based multidisciplinary technology platform able to generate products and solutions for a variety of clinical indications, such as peripheral nerve injuries, peripheral vascular diseases, bone defects, tendon tears and situations where a sustained drug release is needed. Engineered silk materials provide a unique combination of outstanding biological and mechanical properties for a variety of clinical indications. Silk fibroin is also fully biocompatible and promotes cell proliferation by stimulating in-vivo tissue regeneration.

KLIS (“silk” spelled backwards) and Bio represent the company’s commitment to utilizing the power of silk fibroin to promote an endogenous repair of human soft tissues. Both the rebranding and renaming coincide with a growing focus on establishing relationships with the clinical community as its products move beyond premarket development and into commercial preparation. The first of KLISBio’s products, a silk-based graft for peripheral nerve repair, is anticipated to be available for clinical use in 2023, with others to follow thereafter.

“We are challenging the status quo in regenerative medicine by leveraging silk as a powerful, biocompatible scaffold material. We believe the transition to KLISBio and our updated branding better reflect our identity as a leader in the life sciences field,” said Gabriele Grecchi, CEO and co-founder. “We are driven by the desire to innovate and redesign therapeutic approaches to help improve patients’ health and wellness that define their quality of life.”

About KLISBio:

KLISBio is a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company focused on developing innovative technology platforms entirely based on natural silk fibroin. The company, headquatered in Milan, Italy, currently has several assets under development, such as vascular graft, bone graft substitutes and rotator cuff repair.