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Milan, Italy Feb. 28, 2024

KLISBio Secures €2.5 Million Grant by the EIC Accelerator Program to Propel Growth in Europe

Milan, Italy (February 28th, 2024) – Today, KLISBio, a MedTech company challenging the status quo in regenerative medicine by leveraging a silk-based technology platform, is delighted to announce that it has been granted the highly competitive EIC Accelerator Program award by the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA). This prestigious grant, totaling €2.5 million in non-dilutive funding, is a testament to KLISBio's innovative contributions to the MedTech sector.

The EIC Accelerator Program, administered by EISMEA, is renowned for supporting groundbreaking projects and fostering the growth of innovative companies. KLISBio's successful application not only secures a substantial non-dilutive grant but also opens doors to future access to a significant equity matching facility provided by the EIC.

This milestone is a significant achievement for KLISBio and reinforces the company's commitment to advancing SILKBridge Nerve Guide for Peripheral Nerve Repair and the technology platform, including Rotator Cuff Repair, Bone Grafting and Vascular Grafting. The recognition from the EIC Accelerator Program serves as a catalyst for KLISBio's expansion and strategic development in the European market.

"We are thrilled to have been selected for the EIC Accelerator Program grant. This milestone validates the dedication and innovation that KLISBio brings to the regenerative medicine landscape," said Gabriele Grecchi, CEO and Co-Founder at KLISBio. "The €2.5 million non-dilutive grant and potential equity matching facility will play a pivotal role in advancing our mission to transform Peripheral Nerve Repair through our SILKBridge technology."

“I take great pride in the dedication, positive attitude, and maturity exhibited by my colleagues who have accompanied me through the various challenges and triumphs of an extensive MedTech Startup journey. This award is a collective achievement, and I express sincere gratitude for the unwavering commitment and enduring trust demonstrated by KLISBio’s team.” Said Antonio Alessandrino, Chief Technology Officer and Founder.

The EIC Accelerator Program's recognition underscores the potential of both SILKBridge and KLISBio's overall technology portfolio. As KLISBio continues to innovate and expand, this grant positions the company for accelerated growth and increased collaboration opportunities within Europe. The company looks forward to leveraging the EIC Accelerator Program support to drive advancements, foster partnerships, and contribute to the continued evolution of the life sciences ecosystem.

KLISBio holds several patents in covering a variety of silk-based technologies. The Company is powered by a group of world leaders in MedTech including Grecchi, CEO; Antonio Alessandrino, Chief Technology Officer and Giuliano Freddi, Chief Scientific Officer, Rodrigo Bianchi, serving as Chairman of the Board with more than three decades of experience in global healthcare. In addition to its strong leadership team, KLISBio works with physicians, engineers, researchers, chemists and biologists worldwide who represent excellence in the biomedical space.

About KLISBio:

KLISBio is a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company focused on developing innovative technology platforms entirely based on natural silk fibroin. The company, headquatered in Milan, Italy, currently has several assets under development, such as vascular graft, bone graft substitutes and rotator cuff repair.