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Milan, Italy Jan. 12, 2022

KLISBio appoints Rodrigo Bianchi as new Chairman of the Board

KLISBio (Silk Biomaterials S.r.l.) announced Rodrigo Bianchi has been appointed as the new KLISBio Chairman of the Board. Effective Dec. 20th, 2021 Rodrigo Bianchi now serves in the Chairman position previously held by Antonio Alessandrino, the company's main Founder and current Chief Technology Officer.

Rodrigo Bianchi has spent the last three decades as a leader within the international healthcare community. Most recently, he served as President of International Markets for Smith & Nephew. Prior to that, Rodrigo Bianchi spent 26 years in progressively senior roles with Johnson & Johnson, including serving as President Worldwide/DePuy Mitek and President Worldwide/Ethicon. He began his career at Procter & Gamble Italy.

“The role KLISBio is positioned to play in the future of health innovation is unparalleled. I’m honored to serve as Chairman of the Board for a company and a team so committed to challenging the status quote of regenerative medicine,” said Rodrigo Bianchi.

KLISBio is focused on developing innovative biomedical solutions that solve prominent, unmet clinical needs through a silk-based multidisciplinary technology platform able to generate products and solutions for a variety of clinical indications, such as peripheral nerve injuries, peripheral vascular diseases, bone defects, tendon tears and situations where a sustained drug release is needed. The first of KLISBio’s products, a silk-based graft for peripheral nerve repair, is anticipated to be available for clinical use in 2023, with others to follow thereafter.

“Rodrigo’s long history of leadership, coupled with his experience advising global healthcare companies, makes him an ideal person to help guide KLISBio into the next phases of growth.” said Antonio Alessandrino, the company’s former Chairman, main Founder and current CTO.

“As a founder and former Chair, Antonio Alessandrino has done a tremendous job in helping KLISBio reach the pinnacle we currently stand upon, and he’ll continue to guide our company as our Chief Technology Officer and member of the board, with Rodrigo bringing additional insights and ideas to help shape our future.” said Gabriele Grecchi, CEO and co-founder.

About KLISBio:

KLISBio is a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company focused on developing innovative technology platforms entirely based on natural silk fibroin. The company, headquatered in Milan, Italy, currently has several assets under development, such as vascular graft, bone graft substitutes and rotator cuff repair.