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Milan, Italy Jan. 11, 2022

KLISBio to feature engineered silk innovation at Biotech Showcase

Investors keen to get involved with a company on the forefront of human tissue regeneration will be interested to visit with KLISBio, an international medtech company bringing its silk-based biomedical technology and the first of their products, SILKBridge, to the Biotech Showcase Jan. 10-19.

KLISBio is leading a revolution in restorative surgical procedures using engineered silk materials to heal and regenerate human tissue. Engineered silk materials provide a unique combination of outstanding biological and mechanical properties for a variety of clinical indications such as peripheral nerve injuries, peripheral vascular diseases, bone defects, tendon tears and situations where a sustained drug release is needed. Silk fibroin is also fully biocompatible and promotes cell proliferation by stimulating in-vivo tissue regeneration.

The first of KLISBio’s products, SILKBridge, is a first-to-market, silk-based graft for peripheral nerve repair. SILKBridge, a tissue engineered technology based on pure silk fibroin, has the potential to show an optimized balance between biomechanical and biological properties, complementing the high strength of native silk fibers and the enhanced biomimicry of electrospun silk. It is intended for the surgical repair of peripheral nerve discontinuities to support regeneration across the defect and is anticipated to be available for clinical use in 2023.

The company is also working on silk technologies focused on vascular grafting, rotator cuff repair, bone grafting and drug release which they plan to launch between now and 2028. KLISBio’s technology platform is supported by patents in Silk Regenerated Fibroin + Native Silk Fibroin Pairing, Silk-based Composites and Core-Shell Silk Nanofibers.

“Our goal is to challenge the status quo in regenerative medicine by leveraging silk as a powerful and biocompatible scaffold material, targeting different clinical indications in the orthopedic, vascular and drug release markets via several technology platforms,” said Gabriele Grecchi, CEO and co-founder.

KLISBio is powered by an international group of world leaders in medtech including Gabriele Grecchi, CEO; Antonio Alessandrino,Chief Technology Officer; Guiliano Freddi, Chief Scientific Officer; Jason Schense, Chief Business Officer. The company just announced that Rodrigo Bianchi will be taking over as Chairman of the Board, coming to KLISBio with over 30 years of experience with Smith & Nephew, Johnson & Johnson and Proctor & Gamble.

In addition to the strong leadership team, KLISBio works with physicians, engineers, researchers, chemists and biologists worldwide who represent excellence in the biomedical space and holds patents in Silk regenerated Fibroin + Native Silk Fibroin Pairing, Silk-based Composites and Core-Shell Silk Nanofibers.

About KLISBio:

KLISBio is a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company focused on developing innovative technology platforms entirely based on natural silk fibroin. The company, headquatered in Milan, Italy, currently has several assets under development, such as vascular graft, bone graft substitutes and rotator cuff repair.